What is a zygadoc™?

When typewriters existed resumés made sense. But now they don’t. Now you have the freedom to choose how to advertise your unique value and capabilities. Resumés are old inventions that haven't evolved to best represent you in an increasingly competitive working world. They de-personalize you into a few dry words on a bland page and trigger a painful response every time an employer sees them.

So, we decided to create something different. It’s called a zygadoc™. A human-centric document that empowers you to achieve the potential of your personal brand. It eclipses the traditional CV with features that capture important personality traits and accomplishments that resumés can't. Want to upload a video? Sure. Link in your social media? OK. Upload documents that you worked on for universities or work projects? Go ahead.

Deep Dive!

Grab a coffee and read the in-depth version:

CVs were born out of necessity in 1482 by a young DaVinci when he sought employment as a Military Engineer in Milan. Since then, the world of work has advanced dramatically, but resumés and CVs haven't, inviting ambiguity instead of clarity.

At Zygaverse, we believe the humble resumé poorly represents your unique capabilities in a crowded and increasingly competitive work environment, hamstringing your job hunting success.

So, what can you do?

Honestly, expecting DaVinci's 500-year-old invention to best represent the gamut of job-seekers is...probably a little unfair. The issue is that despite their shortcomings CVs still form the backbone of almost all job-hunting efforts.

Consider for a moment that resumés can't capture:

  • How you communicate through the spoken word & body language
  • The delight of a PT client who has achieved their fitness goals, or
  • The intellectual process of creating artwork from inception to delivery, or
  • The way your warmth fills the room when you perform one of your songs

That sounds OK, right? After all, it's just a written document...

Well, not according to Wikipedia:

...resumés are documents used by a person to best present their background, skills, and accomplishments.

The question is: how can resumés truly 'best represent' someone's skills if they cannot accurately capture the points above? The answer is, they can't.

As someone who wants a fighting chance of landing the job or gig in a sea of competition, you need to figure out a way to bridge the gap. So you upload videos or sound recordings covering aspects of yourself that traditional resumés ignore.

Then you beg potential employers to go to YouTube, or Vimeo, or SoundCloud, hoping to exhibit your capabilities that extend beyond the typed word. But many won't because they still have a stack of applications to get through before 5 pm and it becomes yet another thing thrown onto their burning pile of work.

You are now engaged in fighting for someone's limited attention span and probably losing.

Ok...so, what other options are there?

After it became apparent to us that CVs needed a pretty drastic overhaul, our starting point was to check out what contemporary resumé builders and Word templates were doing. We quickly figured out they only make the CV building process a little simpler, without doing the hard work of improving the underlying offering. To top it off, some offerings out there even charge you a subscription to build simple resumes! No thanks.

There was a significant gap in the market, so we got together to make a tech-baby and bam, the zygadoc was born.

A zygadoc is easier to build and better represents your unique capabilities than a traditional CV. It does this by representing crucial information resumés don't and intelligently guides you through the process with invaluable social science tips, kinda like a career counselor (without the fees).

The following breaks down how a zygadoc helps you to get ahead of the pack, by tilting the playing field in your favor so drastically, it's almost unfair.

  • They're Free
  • Save as PDF
  • Fast & Customisable
  • In-built Career Coach
  • Update Anywhere
  • Auto Professional Design
  • Embed Media
  • Autosaved Always
  • Bank Grade Security

Create your zygadoc

Your zygadoc is FREE!

To create, save and export your zygadoc, we don't charge. $0, nada, zilch, it's FREE with no catches. We love to help people like you (because we've been in your shoes!) and we didn't want to hide all that zygadoc goodness behind a paywall.

Save as PDF

While your zygadoc has been developed to be cutting edge and future proof, we get that your document must also be relevant to how the job-hunting process is done right now. So a zygadoc can be downloaded as a PDF and emailed to prospective employers, just like a traditional PDF resume created in Word or Indesign.

When paper and PDFs go the way of the dodo (extinct), we've already got you covered.

Fast & Customisable

Want to ruin someone's day? Tell them their resumé needs to be updated and listen closely as a deep guttural moaning escapes their throat, it's like a scene from The Exorcist.

For most people, updating a resume is a God awful experience...remember that last fight you had with Word's archaic formatting system? It's enough to make your toes curl.

From the start, we wanted the zygadoc experience to speedy, so you potentially have one ready to send in minutes as opposed to hours or even days. So we implemented a few things to make it fast:

  • Pre-built Layouts: You never have to start from scratch.
  • Chunks: Move sections around as you require without the formatting blowing up in your face.
  • Code: We coded the technology so that there is zero lag.

Speed is another reason zygadocs beat resumés. Every damn time.

In-built Career Coach

Powerful technology is great but we have also implemented some valuable social science into the zygadoc DNA. When filling out a zygadoc social science tips will make themselves available to you to ensure that you are filling out sections correctly.

For example, did you know that by implementing statistics from past jobs in your experience section it can alter an employers perspective of you and improve hiring outcomes? This is one of the social science nuggets that will help you land your dream job. Humans and recruitment software look for keywords and capabilities on resumes and we’ll make sure you’ve got them all.

Update Anywhere

Often, we get our best ideas when we're away from our computer - on the bus, walking to the office, while we're shopping...at least half of our zygadoc features were conceived in the shower!

Your zygadoc can be accessed and updated wherever you have mobile reception or wifi, so you'll never miss the opportunity to tune your perfect resumé killer.

Professional Design

Few people know how to craft an effective resumé and fewer still have the design know-how to build a visually attractive document. But that's not our fault, most of us just aren't designers.

When you build a zygadoc, you don't need to be! We do the heavy lifting for you with professional templates, graphic design guidelines woven into our code and the ability to embed media that makes you shine.

Embed Media

Despite being the current standard for personal-branding documents, resumés you can't effectively integrate media such as video bios, audio recordings, images, and other supporting documents.

Why is something like video integration important? Well, think about just how much non-written information can be gleaned from a 15-second video of you talking about yourself. Or an audio clip, or a photo that was taken at the right moment. Your gestures, the tones in which you convey your message, your overall posture. These things are your interpersonal characteristics and they help to tell a story impossible with words alone.

Your zygadoc has been designed to place media into its pages from the get-go, allowing recruiters to get a faster and more accurate evaluation of you as a WHOLE person.

With a zygadoc, you're already worlds apart from the rest of the field who still sport those musty old-school resumés.

Autosaved Always

Your zygadoc automatically saves so you never lose your work. When your kids test the aerodynamics of your laptop, your zygadoc is safe, even if your sanity isn't.

Bank Grade Security

Your information is super important, so we employ 256 bit SSL encryption to ensure it's protected by security fit for the banks. Put it this way, if you are Batman (I hope you are), think of us as Alfred. We've always got your back.


Build my zygadoc

You made it down here! Hopefully, you're convinced of our ultra-superiority over those dusty dinosaur docs (CVs), if so...only one thing left to do before world dominance, friend:

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